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Through the highest-quality holistic education, we equip youth to become leaders in their communities.



Orkeeswa School is a community-based, community-led initiative located in a predominately Maasai village. Our students live and learn within their village, allowing them to take their education home with them every day and make an immediate impact. We have a deep respect for culture and seek to equip our students with the capacity to protect their values, prevent exploitation and make long-term decisions in favor of cultural preservation.


At Orkeeswa, we supplement the Tanzanian National Curriculum with programs designed to nurture our students’ creativity and build their capacity to think outside the box. By exposing our students to a diversity of opportunities, they are encouraged to exercise their curiosity and find their passion.


From faculty, staff and parents to our student body, we emphasize a culture of open communication and collaboration. Through extra-curricular activities, counseling, life skills and competitive athletics, we develop our students’ confidence, self-awareness and communication skills, building their capacity to become effective leaders at the school and in their community.


Our students are peer counselors, leaders, entrepreneurs, inventors, problem-solvers, builders, engineers, farmers, teachers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters. From their participation at the school to the work they do in their village every day, our students are learning how to be responsible, caring, and contributing members of their community.

Watch the story of our student Bertha as she journeys from being 1 of 34 children in her family to 1 of the top students at Orkeeswa School.